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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Here's my question?

Everyone is talking about these new security proceedures at the airports. The scan machines have images of your body that even the news has to blur the private parts before they can put them on the screen. If they are that descriptive in their image and it is being used on children, how is it not child pornography? There is also the concern that the scanners emit radiation and yes in small doses but there are people who fly several times a week. How much radiation causes cancer and is TSA going to cover the treatment, since it was so necessary for security?

As for the pat downs. We tell our children repeatedly that no one is to touch them in their privates except the doctor. Now, we have to modify that to include the people in uniforms at the airport? How is this not child molestation?

How long is it going to be when just to go into a restaurant we have to let the host or hostess run their hands between our legs and over the breast for us just to eat out, all in the name of security?
I can just hear the host now, "Ma'am, the special tonight is flounder, and might I say you FEEL exceptionally nice tonight."

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