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Monday, June 27, 2011 Interviews Marie Crist

Hello Fans,

I was interviewed by David who runs barsetshirediaries and that interview is at the link below. I welcome everyone to read the interview and comment.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This is not my usual subject matter, but as an author I have to speak up on behalf of book bloggers everywhere. I was on the blog of The Well-Read Wife and saw her latest post. It was in response to an article written by Daniela Hurezanu at the Santa Cruz News. This reporter wrote some pretty ignorant, uneducated remarks about book bloggers everywhere. I can't imagine that she has no freaking clue as to how vital book bloggers are to authors everywhere. It was book bloggers who made The Shack a bestseller when all those book critics employed by those unmentionable papers and magazines trashed it. I just pray that Daniela checks her facts and actually does research before printing another article. I did post a comment on Santa Cruz News's website, here is what I wrote, they will probably refuse to post it.


A book's success for an author is everything. We spend hours researching and writing and then even longer editing. Even if it is the best book ever written, it will go nowhere without your TEAM. Every author's team no matter where they are published includes BOOK BLOGGERS! All the book bloggers out there spend countless hours reading what authors have created and then they give honest, creative, in depth looks into each book they read. This then is read by potential future fans of the author. We authors would be no where without them, especially in this day and age of technology. One of the first things our publicists tell us authors is to get read by BOOK BLOGGERS and get interviewed by them. The publishing industry DOES take them seriously and so do all the authors. But we will not take you, Daniela Hurezanu, seriously as a reporter!

Thank you to all the BOOK BLOGGERS out there spending your limited hours on our books! We wouldn't sell without you!

Marie Crist

Hero in My Opinion: Monique Lawless

I am sure that many of you heard about the Texan woman who ran after three men who took off out of Walmart carrying cases of beer they did not pay for. She didn't just run after them calling out their injustice, no, she leaped on their car and started kicking in their windshield trying to stop them.

Now, many will hear about that and say, "that's insane" and most people would have stood by and did nothing. But her actions led to police apprehending all three men.

When interviewed about her actions, Monique's statement had me emotionally charged and ready to follow in her footsteps. Let me paraphrase her statement here. She said she was sick and tired of people thinking they can get away with whatever they want to do. She said it is our responsibility as citizens to take action and responsibility for what happens in our communities. We need to stand up and say, we have had enough!

She is amazing and a hero in my opinion. I think she is an example of what we all need to do, stand up and take action.

Monique Lawless, I applaud you and would love to have you working on some of my events in the near future.

Citizen Out

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


By Marie Crist

            Enter your professional photo and become the photographer for the book cover, Citizen Ally. Marie Crist’s next in the book series, The Citizen Chronicles.
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 Citizen Ally is an Action/Thriller novel where characters intertwine with author Pamela Wright’s upcoming novel Justifiable:Mexico.
            The Citizen Chronicles is a series of books that takes readers into an undercover operation run by a group of men and women who call themselves the “Citizens”.  Their mission is to hunt down child predators and rapists and commit acts of vigilante justice before the innocent targets even realize that their death is imminent.
Citizen Ally picks up where Citizen Out leaves off. It will take readers further into the fight against human trafficking and against those who lead such organizations.   
                        Read more about ARC and the citizens in the novel, The Citizen Chronicles:
Citizen Out available now; sold on and
Contest void where prohibited by state law.  No purchase required to enter or win the coveted photographer cover prize.  All decisions and/or choices of the photographer cover search are the Author’s final ruling.  Winning photographer must sign a full release. All other entered photos will be destroyed to protect photographer’s creative rights.  No photos of contest entries will be returned.  No nudity or extreme violence or sexual content permitted.  Contest ends December 31, 2011
            Please send 8x10 color shots along with contact information to:
The Citizen Chronicles: Citizen Out
P.O. Box 762
Pleasant View, Tn. 37146

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Unprocessed Rape kits!

I have been really sickened by the sheer number of unprocessed rape kits that are stored in facilities across our country. Most people don't know that when a rape kit is taken from a victim at the hospital it is not processed unless the police have a suspect in mind. No! It is simply left unprocessed and stored, usually forgotten. I heard that one city(I will not name) has 15,000 of these unprocessed rape kits sitting in a facility.

Now, there is a national DNA database in our country that if these rape kits were processed and entered into this database, police could see patterns emerge when a rapist has several victims. It is my suspicion that generally rapists have more than one victim.

I understand that there is a limit to funds in each state and that limits how many hours our state workers can work in order to get a handle on this overwhelming amount of rape kits. So, I am proposing a solution.

It is our responsibility to take action in our own communities. I found out that the average citizen can pass a Class 3 background check and get trained in a matter of weeks to be able to go in and assist in doing DNA extraction and get these kits processed and entered into the database. It is all of our responsibilities to do what we can to clean our streets. I will be volunteering my time as well and ask that you join me!

If all you have is 5 hours a week to volunteer, then give it! I am working on getting the information out to all of you about what you can do to get started and where to go to do it. Bear with me and stay tuned, but also ask your own questions in your communities. Then come here and tell us what you found out!

Together we can show these cockroaches(rapists, pedophiles, human traffickers) that we are banning together to stop them. We can scare them with our united force and make a difference!

Citizen Out

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Danger Most Parents Don't See Coming

I am going to give you a scenario that most parents wouldn't see coming:

So, parents of a 7 year old has taught their daughter repeatedly about the dangers of strangers. They have talked with her over and over again about how no one is to ever touch her on her privates and how she is to scream and run away if anyone does.
 She understands and promises to do just this.
Well, one night a friend of hers asks to spend the night as she has done before. The girls are close in age but with the 7 year old being younger. Late that night the parents go to check on the girls and make sure they are asleep and to turn off the tv they fell asleep to.
However, what they found was the older girl perpetrating on their 7 year old. Now, what they did not know was that the other girl had been sexually abused by her former step-father and was now wanting to show that experience with other kids.
These parents had no idea that this had also occurred the time before when the girl had spent the night. They had always been so sure their daughter would tell and run away if she were ever put in this situation. But she didn't! And she can't explain why.

Here are the questions: Are our children assuming that it is only bad if it is an adult that tries to do this to them? Is the peer pressure so effective at this age that they won't tell on a friend? Do we now have to cut out a big part of being a child and ban sleepovers? Do we interrogate parents of the friends to find out if their kid have been a victim of sexual abuse? How do we protect our kids from victims that turn perpetrator without condemning the kid when it wasn't their fault they were abused?

Our child safety books also need to elaborate on the fact that the danger can also come from a child they know.

I don't have the answers to these questions, but this is a real danger we need to accept and protect against.

I look forward to your opinions on the matter!

Citizen Out

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Citizen Out is now available

For my fans who have been patiently waiting for the release of Citizen Out, It is now available in paperback on my website.

Nook version is also available.

The kindle version will be available very soon. Amazon is converting the files now.

Citizen Out