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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Parents grooming their kids for pedophiles!

We all remember the story of JonBenet Ramsey. A beautiful six year old little girl the country mourned for when she was found dead. This story caused a huge stir of emotions, not just because of the circumstances of her death, but the way she had been dressed like a grown woman and paraded on stage dancing seductively for crowns. Many blamed the parents for her death, not necessarily believing they were the ones who took her life, but for exploiting her in ways that would draw attention from men wishing to do her harm.

Today, anyone can turn on the television and see that television producers have now joined in on helping show off these little girls dressed like grown women. They dance, gyrate and flirt onstage for audiences all in an attempt to win a crown. Heavy makeup, false nails and sexy dresses are all part of this display. This is no longer little girls playing dress up in the safety of their own home it is now in my opinion a form of grooming, and it is done to them by their naive parents.

Now, we have mothers thinking it is so cute to have their baby dancing with a stripper pole and posting the videos to Youtube. What are these parents doing? We turn on our televisions every week and see another child has been kidnapped, raped, molested, sold into sex slavery and/or murdered. There are real threats to our children and some parents are painting bright flashing targets on their children. Are these parents so naive they don't understand how the pedophile mind works?

Let me enlighten them. Pedophiles are driven by urges they claim they cannot control or ignore. They watch for days or weeks for the perfect victim. They look for children who are vulnerable to easy lures such as candy, lost puppy rouse, your parents sent me rouse, etc.. They look for children whose parents are busy and may leave the child alone even for a few minutes. They also look for children who seem to have been groomed for sexual activity, this makes their job easier when they plan to keep the kid for a while then trade them. Yes, this happens within pedophile rings. They even have get together s where they tell stories, trade photos of their stolen child and then they make trades. How much of a commodity would a girl who had been seen all over Youtube and television shaking her stuff in sexy dresses be? The kids are not kept in plain sight, it is a well hidden underground organization, so they don't worry about anyone recognizing your kid. Parents, you are grooming your children for these monsters. You are teaching them how to use their looks and bodies to get things, such as a crown. You are making your children seen as sexually ready to pedophiles everywhere. You are supposed to be the protectors, not the auctioneers!

Stop putting your children on display in ways that will draw pedophiles and human traffickers to them. We have a war going on where we're trying to combat those who prey on our children. Some parents out there are being deliberately dense and acting as though they have not been told a thousand times of these dangers. The children are the only innocent ones and unfortunately will be the ones to lose everything due to their thoughtless parents!

As always I look forward to your comments.

Citizen Out

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Belgium Child Killers have it easy!

I came across a story that angered me and as much as I think we in America have a lax judicial system for pedophiles and child killers; Belgium's is worse (Casey Anthony trial not considered in comparison).

Marc Dutroux and his girlfriend Michelle Martin kidnap five little girls. Martin helps Dutroux with this and then watches as he rapes these little girls. Now, they are caught and arrested soon after and this all takes place in 1992. They are sentenced to 13 years in prison. Dutroux serves only 3 years, Martin serves only 2; back to the old "good behavior" crap.

They get out and decide it was worth doing again. Together they kidnap six young girls over a period of four years and hold them in various places of residence that Dutroux owns. All the while police are looking for these missing girls. All the while they do not think to go check out the evil couple known for kidnapping little girls. These girls were raped repeatedly but also starved. That's right, the evil couple did not feed the girls while they were being held and tortured. By the time the police there pulled their heads out of their asses and decided to go pay the couple a visit, four of the girls had died of starvation. The police found the other two girls cowering in the locked basement. The couple was arrested (1996) and their trial(2004) yielded convictions. Dutroux given life, Martin was given 30 years.

Here's the kicker, Martin has now been released after serving only 15 years. Why?  Good behavior, why of course.Dutroux is still being held but who knows how long until his "good behavior" sets him free.

Now, if they had executed the pair in 1992, six little girls would not have been victims to such crimes. Four little girls would have survived. The innocence of the other two would not have been murdered as well. When children are subjected to sexual abuse, they will never become the adults they would have if the abuse had never occurred. They can succeed and thrive but the person they would have been was murdered the first time they were abused.

What I have determined is that Belgium is severely lenient on their pedophiles and child killers. They have no real legislation in place to protect children from these monsters. They need to take real concern and fix this in their legal system. I wonder if they would be this lax on the parents of the girls if they decided to take justice in their own hands? Makes you wonder!

Citizen Out

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NEW TREND: Babies for Sale in US

It seems a new trend is emerging from this down economy; it is worse than selling drugs or one's own body for money. It is the selling of one's baby to perfect strangers in parking lots of fast food restaurants or Wal-Mart. The latest case happened in Vancouver Washington. Thirty six year old Heidi Knowles tried repeatedly to sell her infant son to women going in and out of the Taco Bell.

What is the worth of Heidi's baby boy? She thought it was a pathetic $500. That's right.

A woman who had been offered the great bargain turned and called 911 where Heidi was arrested and charged with a felony.

Don't cheer yet, prosecutors have now reduced the charge from  felony to a gross misdemeanor which carries only a maximum of one year in jail and a $5,000 fine. Her next court appearance is August 2nd.

By the way, Heidi has four other children but thankfully she does not have custody of them. The baby boy has been taken into the foster care system but who knows if Mommy Dearest will be given another chance at motherhood. I bet though, next time she will show a little more discretion when selling her baby. We all know people like her don't become decent parents after a slap on the wrist like this. No, she will try this or something else despicable to use her kid(s) as a checkbook.

Now, Let me surprise you! This is just the latest incident.
Are you scared? I am. Now what the Hell are we going to do about this? Legislation needs to be passed where this offense carries a mandatory life sentence. If anything, when they get out they may be too old to reproduce(life doesn't really mean until dead).  There are safe drop offs set up in every state where parents can take a baby and no questions will be asked. These were not situations where these parents just couldn't afford their children,no their sole purpose was to make money off selling them like a pieces of household items. These people need to be made examples out of. Where the Hell are our Lawmakers and what is taking them so long to do something effective?

Citizen Out

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tips on keeping your children safe especially as the new school year approaches:

I studied criminology at WKU and armed with an insight into pedophiles’ minds I use that to help combat the war they have waged on our children. I spend a lot of time helping parents better protect their children from the predators that prey on them. Here is a little of what I know to help you and your children.

Every good parent knows they have to have the conversation with their children about strangers and what to do if someone tries to touch them in their private parts. We teach our children about good touches and bad touches. We think we have covered all the areas in protecting our children, have we? With all the chaos going on in our daily lives we may become lax in the very things that could protect our children. I have put together a list of things we cannot let our guards down on, Pedophiles are waiting for that.

Tips on keeping your children safe especially as the new school year approaches:

1.     Know where your child is … always. Children are not as aware as we are about the dangers out there. They think they are invincible and are na├»ve by nature. We have to check up and make sure they are where they say they are, are with who they say they are with and doing what they said they are doing.
2.     Stay in contact with their friends’ parents, as well as your children’s teachers and coaches. They could be the first people to let you know something may not be right.
3.     Be a parent first, friend second. There will be some parents who argue with me and say that children need to have their privacy. I say this, there are parents out there who believed that and now have missing children. Those parents would give anything to have a second chance and know exactly who their kid was talking to online, but that chance will never come.
4.     Make time each day to have conversations with your child and listen to what they have to say. Don’t be afraid to check things out to make sure everyone is on track.
5.     Know your neighborhood. If you see something or someone unusual, check it out or phone it in to the police. Pedophiles are hoping and banking on the attitude that people don’t want to get involved. We all need to be involved where children are concerned.
6.     Change your routine frequently. Pedophiles will watch and wait for the few minutes your child is usually alone. They know parents are busy and routines are how families keep it all together.
7.     Subscribe to a website that alerts you when a predator moves into your area. I use Family Watchdog.
8.     Be vigilant in speaking with your children about safety and take them to any workshops put on in your communities. I am putting one on in Albuquerque, NM August 20th. I will be doing more in various places. Don’t wait on me though, check to see if your community is putting one on in the meantime.
9.      Do Not have your child’s name printed on their backpacks, t-shirts, jackets, etc.. Pedophiles and kidnappers use this as a way to gain your child’s trust. They will use it as part of their rouse to get their hands on your kids.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flight Attendants trained on spotting Human Trafficking

I wish there was no need in this but there is. I have to commend the airlines American Airlines, American Eagle, Delta, United, and Qantas for there determination on stopping human trafficking at the Super Bowl.

How did the airlines even come to be involved in human trafficking? It all started with Sandra Fiorini, an American Airlines flight attendant based in Chicago. Because of Fiorini flight attendants now know what to look for and who to call if they see something suspicious on board a flight. This after Fiorini tried to report a situation and no one responded. It involved an eighteen year-old boy on a six-hour flight carrying a newborn infant with its umbilical cord still attached. No wife. Just one bottle of milk and two diapers stuck inside his pocket. In 2007 Fiorini met Deborah Sigmund, founder of the organization Innocents at Risk, and soon they began working together with airline employees to become the first line of defense against human trafficking.

Thank You Sandra Fiorini and Innocents at Risks for what you have accomplished. I want to know why other airlines haven't began doing this training as well.  I can tell you that I will be switching my normal airlines, Frontier, to these participating airlines now to support them while they support the saving of children. I suggest the rest of you do the same. Our purchasing decisions need to help companies make the right decisions as well.

Citizen Out

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Australian Hero!

I do not know the man's name but he is a hero! In Wagga Wagga, a man broke into a little girl's bedroom through the window in the night and left the house with her. An unnamed neighbor heard her screams and woke up, he then went out to see what was happening and that is when he saw the man running down the street with the screaming girl. He ran after the man which led to the man dropping the girl so he could cut his losses and get away. The girl is safe and sound. She was not physically harmed, but definitely shaken. Things would have been tragically worse if this neighbor had not gotten up to really check out the situation. And what if he had decided to just stay in his house and call the police? The man would have gotten away with the girl since there was obviously no car in sight to get a license number off of. The sex crime squad is joining in the search for the perp and I wish them all the best in finding him. I just pray that they have stiffer penalties than we do here in the states for such offenses.

To the neighbor:
Thank you for being such a great example of a responsible citizen. You are one of my Heroes!

Citizen Out

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Are You Kidding me Michigan!

 With all the problems we citizens of this country have to endure everyday, Michigan has decided to show the Country just how asinine they are. A woman there decides to teach her children about how food is grown and harvested and prepared, so she grows a tiny garden in her front yard. She is now facing charges that carry 93 days in jail. It's a garden, not a pot garden, a vegetable garden!  I don't know about you but I am growing increasingly frustrated over how the States are spending so much time crucifying law abiding citizens over really idiotic things, but let child molesters and rapists go with slaps on the wrists. Hey Michigan, if your plan was to show the rest of America how living in your State will restrict the simplest of human rights, growing tomatoes, then you have absolutely succeeded.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Don't Mess With Texas and Don't Mess with Our Children!

Texas did something so great that I want to move there. Humberto Leal was convicted and executed for the brutal rape and slaying of a 16 year old. Now, President Obama had asked for Leal's stay in execution so they could pass a law to help foreign nationals get help from their consulates. What the Hell! Obama is supposed to be a president for the United States, he is supposed to give a damn about the rights of our children! Would he have had the same feeling if it had been his daughter who had been raped and murdered, NO!

Let this be a lesson to all. Do not tread on the rights of our children! We must have this as a National sentiment. No matter where you are from or where your citizenship lies, you had better not molest, rape, beat, abuse or murder our children! Unfortunately, we have not been this determined or consistent. We need to show a unified stand on children's rights.

There are those that want to beg for the rights of pedophiles and child murderers. We must be louder than them and plow through them to make this country a sanctuary for children. It is time to push for every state to have the solid stance of; harm our children and you are done!

To all you child predators:  Your rights end where a child's begins. DO NOT TREAD ON OUR CHILDREN'S RIGHTS! There right to be safe. There right to be innocent. There right to a childhood. Take that away and we will take you OUT! We will see that you are nothing more than a defective electronic that must be sent back to the manufacturer for refurbishing.

Citizen Out

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Interview I did with David Wisehart. Check it out!

I have another interview out there. David Wisehart was so great with his questions and has posted the interview. Please check it out! Thank you David so much for your time and attention.

Citizen Out

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Book is being Given away in a contest

Hello Fans,

My book Citizen Out as well as other books from great authors are being given away at this blog. Go to this link and sign up for the contest! Hurry, one day left.

Citizen Out

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What does the Casey Anthony Verdict Say about Our Society?

Today Casey Anthony was found not guilty for murdering her little girl, Caylee. The jury obviously thought that refusing to report your child missing or dead for 31 days, spending that time partying on a bender, making up a fictitious person and lying that they kidnapped your child, disposing of your child's body in a plastic bag, and duct taping the mouth of your child's body is ALL NORMAL PARENTING.

Are you freaking kidding me? Let's just say that at first you thought just maybe little Caylee did accidentally drown and the mother freaked and came up with this whole story thinking she may get into trouble. I don't believe that but we are playing make believe. The minute I found out that Casey spent that 31 days partying like a damn teenager, I do believe my previous notion would completely alter. She even went and got tattooed. These are not the actions of a loving caring parent who just lost their child.

We know we share breathing space with sociopaths but we have faith that in court they will receive their penalties. But what happens when our society has no real care if children are murdered? What happens when a jury doesn't feel true anger over the death of our society's most precious members? Think about it, who would have imagined that not even one member of a jury would have thought she was guilty after all that we know? Could that be? 

We have become a society of excuses and passes. We have had sociologists and psychologists hammering into our heads that criminals are not to blame for their actions, they were mistreated and we need to show them understanding not punishment. Why are we buying into this crap? In this day and age, I am seeing a whole lot of tolerance for truly evil people.

I know that there are a lot of people out there that just as tired of this as I am. We have the power to make a difference if we ban together and become louder than the idiots. We must gather all the groups together that are spread out trying to create change. Banning together and having a huge unified voice will make things happen faster and cause a frightening stir for all the evil people out there.

Citizen Out

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Books make readers re-evaluate what can be done to save world’s young victims

Marie Crist and her mother Pamela Wright have teamed up to help prevent child abuse and human trafficking, and to further the controversial debate over whether there is ever cause for someone to take the law into their own hands – showcasing perhaps how uncomfortably satisfying such a notion can be.

Both debut authors, Crist and Wright have released separate novels this summer introducing readers to fictional secret groups dedicated to protecting the innocent. Readers find themselves rooting on these passionate citizens who hunt down and kill sick and twisted child molesters before they are able to strike again.

“If there are such groups in real life, I’m not aware of them. But I am very aware of the public sentiment that is growing stronger with every lost loved one,” Wright said. “That sentiment is, the public is sick and tired of a failed system that continually favors the rights of pedophiles over the rights of victims.”

Crist’s Citizen Out and Wright’s Justifiable: Oregon, the first in two separate book series, capture the emotions of anyone who has felt helpless in the wake of tragic violence or who works in law enforcement and understands the frustrations officers can feel when investigations are hampered by bureaucratic hurdles. The duo hits the streets this summer and fall for events across the country to raise awareness, educate and inspire citizens to take action against child brutality.

“Every time I turn on the television, I see another child has been taken, molested or murdered. I’m infuriated,” Crist said. “Now, I can’t go around and enact vigilante justice on these people. The only thing that will end it is for the stories to be told, to educate parents on how to protect their children and avoid those that wish them harm.”

8 tips from the mother-daughter team on keeping your children safe:
1.     Know where your child is … always.
2.     Stay in contact with their friends’ parents, as well as your children’s teachers and coaches.
3.     Be a parent first, friend second.
4.     Make time each day to have conversations with your child and listen to what they have to say. Don’t be afraid to check things out to make sure everyone is on track.
5.     Know your neighborhood. If you see something or someone unusual, check it out or phone it in to the police.
6.     Change your routine frequently. Pedophiles will watch and wait for the few minutes your child is usually alone. They know parents are busy and routines are how families keep it all together.
7.     Subscribe to a website that alerts you when a predator moves into your area.
8.     Be vigilant in speaking with your children about safety and take them to any workshops put on in your communities.

Crist lives in Pleasant View, Tennessee, and her mother in nearby Glasgow, Kentucky. The emotional attachment to this issue for both comes from their family making a home for many foster children who shared stories of neglect and abuse in former residences. A student of criminology, Crist integrates her knowledge of the criminal mind into scenes that evoke a sense of terror and to demonstrate how such a person is tracked and captured using a combination of technology and simple human instinct. Wright brings a professional background in writing to her work, having written for local newspapers and through her studies in creative writing.

The mother and daughter are at work on their second novels, Crist’s Citizen Ally and Wright’s Justifiable: Mexico, which will include crossover characters. Visit them online at and

ENDANGERED CHILD ALERT: Missing Child From Maryville, TN

This is copied and reposted from WCYB.COM

An East and Middle Tennessee Endangered Child Alert has been issued for the Maryville Police Department for Alexis Sullivan. Alexis Sullivan is in the company of Brittany Mostella and Shelby Nunley. All three children are missing from the Johnson Group Home in Maryville, Tennessee. Brittany and Shelby have made threats toward harming Alexis once they had ran from the group home. The girls may be armed with a pair of scissors that are missing from the home. The girls were last seen at approximately 11:00 p.m. eastern time on June 27, 2011, at a gas station in Rockwood, Tennessee in Cumberland County, Tennessee.The girls are believed to have stolen a red and white 1995 Chevy K1500 Pickup Truck with Tennessee License plate ML2756. The truck has Harley Davidson emblems in the rear window, a metal tool box, and Dale Earnhardt sticker. The truck also has a yellow sticker on the right side of the rear window that states "Look Out for Motorcycles". The girls may be traveling to either the Sparta, Tennessee, Jackson County, Tennessee or Clarksville, Tennessee areas.Alexis is a 12 year-old white female with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is 5'5" tall and weighs 125 lbs. She was last seen wearing a dark green shirt, black shorts and black Nike shoes. Brittany Mostella is a 14 year-old black female with black hair and brown eyes. She is 5'6" tall and weighs 210 lbs. She was last seen wearing a black t-shirt, purple pajama pants, and gray Levi's shoes. Shelby Nunley is a white female with brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5'2" tall and weighs 98 lbs. She was last seen wearing a olive green jacket, black shirt, red and black shorts, white Nike Air Force One shoes, and blue boxers.If you have seen the children or the vehicle, please call the Maryville Police Department at 865-983-3620 or the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND.