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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Parents grooming their kids for pedophiles!

We all remember the story of JonBenet Ramsey. A beautiful six year old little girl the country mourned for when she was found dead. This story caused a huge stir of emotions, not just because of the circumstances of her death, but the way she had been dressed like a grown woman and paraded on stage dancing seductively for crowns. Many blamed the parents for her death, not necessarily believing they were the ones who took her life, but for exploiting her in ways that would draw attention from men wishing to do her harm.

Today, anyone can turn on the television and see that television producers have now joined in on helping show off these little girls dressed like grown women. They dance, gyrate and flirt onstage for audiences all in an attempt to win a crown. Heavy makeup, false nails and sexy dresses are all part of this display. This is no longer little girls playing dress up in the safety of their own home it is now in my opinion a form of grooming, and it is done to them by their naive parents.

Now, we have mothers thinking it is so cute to have their baby dancing with a stripper pole and posting the videos to Youtube. What are these parents doing? We turn on our televisions every week and see another child has been kidnapped, raped, molested, sold into sex slavery and/or murdered. There are real threats to our children and some parents are painting bright flashing targets on their children. Are these parents so naive they don't understand how the pedophile mind works?

Let me enlighten them. Pedophiles are driven by urges they claim they cannot control or ignore. They watch for days or weeks for the perfect victim. They look for children who are vulnerable to easy lures such as candy, lost puppy rouse, your parents sent me rouse, etc.. They look for children whose parents are busy and may leave the child alone even for a few minutes. They also look for children who seem to have been groomed for sexual activity, this makes their job easier when they plan to keep the kid for a while then trade them. Yes, this happens within pedophile rings. They even have get together s where they tell stories, trade photos of their stolen child and then they make trades. How much of a commodity would a girl who had been seen all over Youtube and television shaking her stuff in sexy dresses be? The kids are not kept in plain sight, it is a well hidden underground organization, so they don't worry about anyone recognizing your kid. Parents, you are grooming your children for these monsters. You are teaching them how to use their looks and bodies to get things, such as a crown. You are making your children seen as sexually ready to pedophiles everywhere. You are supposed to be the protectors, not the auctioneers!

Stop putting your children on display in ways that will draw pedophiles and human traffickers to them. We have a war going on where we're trying to combat those who prey on our children. Some parents out there are being deliberately dense and acting as though they have not been told a thousand times of these dangers. The children are the only innocent ones and unfortunately will be the ones to lose everything due to their thoughtless parents!

As always I look forward to your comments.

Citizen Out

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