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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NEW TREND: Babies for Sale in US

It seems a new trend is emerging from this down economy; it is worse than selling drugs or one's own body for money. It is the selling of one's baby to perfect strangers in parking lots of fast food restaurants or Wal-Mart. The latest case happened in Vancouver Washington. Thirty six year old Heidi Knowles tried repeatedly to sell her infant son to women going in and out of the Taco Bell.

What is the worth of Heidi's baby boy? She thought it was a pathetic $500. That's right.

A woman who had been offered the great bargain turned and called 911 where Heidi was arrested and charged with a felony.

Don't cheer yet, prosecutors have now reduced the charge from  felony to a gross misdemeanor which carries only a maximum of one year in jail and a $5,000 fine. Her next court appearance is August 2nd.

By the way, Heidi has four other children but thankfully she does not have custody of them. The baby boy has been taken into the foster care system but who knows if Mommy Dearest will be given another chance at motherhood. I bet though, next time she will show a little more discretion when selling her baby. We all know people like her don't become decent parents after a slap on the wrist like this. No, she will try this or something else despicable to use her kid(s) as a checkbook.

Now, Let me surprise you! This is just the latest incident.
Are you scared? I am. Now what the Hell are we going to do about this? Legislation needs to be passed where this offense carries a mandatory life sentence. If anything, when they get out they may be too old to reproduce(life doesn't really mean until dead).  There are safe drop offs set up in every state where parents can take a baby and no questions will be asked. These were not situations where these parents just couldn't afford their children,no their sole purpose was to make money off selling them like a pieces of household items. These people need to be made examples out of. Where the Hell are our Lawmakers and what is taking them so long to do something effective?

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