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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Belgium Child Killers have it easy!

I came across a story that angered me and as much as I think we in America have a lax judicial system for pedophiles and child killers; Belgium's is worse (Casey Anthony trial not considered in comparison).

Marc Dutroux and his girlfriend Michelle Martin kidnap five little girls. Martin helps Dutroux with this and then watches as he rapes these little girls. Now, they are caught and arrested soon after and this all takes place in 1992. They are sentenced to 13 years in prison. Dutroux serves only 3 years, Martin serves only 2; back to the old "good behavior" crap.

They get out and decide it was worth doing again. Together they kidnap six young girls over a period of four years and hold them in various places of residence that Dutroux owns. All the while police are looking for these missing girls. All the while they do not think to go check out the evil couple known for kidnapping little girls. These girls were raped repeatedly but also starved. That's right, the evil couple did not feed the girls while they were being held and tortured. By the time the police there pulled their heads out of their asses and decided to go pay the couple a visit, four of the girls had died of starvation. The police found the other two girls cowering in the locked basement. The couple was arrested (1996) and their trial(2004) yielded convictions. Dutroux given life, Martin was given 30 years.

Here's the kicker, Martin has now been released after serving only 15 years. Why?  Good behavior, why of course.Dutroux is still being held but who knows how long until his "good behavior" sets him free.

Now, if they had executed the pair in 1992, six little girls would not have been victims to such crimes. Four little girls would have survived. The innocence of the other two would not have been murdered as well. When children are subjected to sexual abuse, they will never become the adults they would have if the abuse had never occurred. They can succeed and thrive but the person they would have been was murdered the first time they were abused.

What I have determined is that Belgium is severely lenient on their pedophiles and child killers. They have no real legislation in place to protect children from these monsters. They need to take real concern and fix this in their legal system. I wonder if they would be this lax on the parents of the girls if they decided to take justice in their own hands? Makes you wonder!

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