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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Australian Hero!

I do not know the man's name but he is a hero! In Wagga Wagga, a man broke into a little girl's bedroom through the window in the night and left the house with her. An unnamed neighbor heard her screams and woke up, he then went out to see what was happening and that is when he saw the man running down the street with the screaming girl. He ran after the man which led to the man dropping the girl so he could cut his losses and get away. The girl is safe and sound. She was not physically harmed, but definitely shaken. Things would have been tragically worse if this neighbor had not gotten up to really check out the situation. And what if he had decided to just stay in his house and call the police? The man would have gotten away with the girl since there was obviously no car in sight to get a license number off of. The sex crime squad is joining in the search for the perp and I wish them all the best in finding him. I just pray that they have stiffer penalties than we do here in the states for such offenses.

To the neighbor:
Thank you for being such a great example of a responsible citizen. You are one of my Heroes!

Citizen Out

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