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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Unprocessed Rape kits!

I have been really sickened by the sheer number of unprocessed rape kits that are stored in facilities across our country. Most people don't know that when a rape kit is taken from a victim at the hospital it is not processed unless the police have a suspect in mind. No! It is simply left unprocessed and stored, usually forgotten. I heard that one city(I will not name) has 15,000 of these unprocessed rape kits sitting in a facility.

Now, there is a national DNA database in our country that if these rape kits were processed and entered into this database, police could see patterns emerge when a rapist has several victims. It is my suspicion that generally rapists have more than one victim.

I understand that there is a limit to funds in each state and that limits how many hours our state workers can work in order to get a handle on this overwhelming amount of rape kits. So, I am proposing a solution.

It is our responsibility to take action in our own communities. I found out that the average citizen can pass a Class 3 background check and get trained in a matter of weeks to be able to go in and assist in doing DNA extraction and get these kits processed and entered into the database. It is all of our responsibilities to do what we can to clean our streets. I will be volunteering my time as well and ask that you join me!

If all you have is 5 hours a week to volunteer, then give it! I am working on getting the information out to all of you about what you can do to get started and where to go to do it. Bear with me and stay tuned, but also ask your own questions in your communities. Then come here and tell us what you found out!

Together we can show these cockroaches(rapists, pedophiles, human traffickers) that we are banning together to stop them. We can scare them with our united force and make a difference!

Citizen Out

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