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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This is not my usual subject matter, but as an author I have to speak up on behalf of book bloggers everywhere. I was on the blog of The Well-Read Wife and saw her latest post. It was in response to an article written by Daniela Hurezanu at the Santa Cruz News. This reporter wrote some pretty ignorant, uneducated remarks about book bloggers everywhere. I can't imagine that she has no freaking clue as to how vital book bloggers are to authors everywhere. It was book bloggers who made The Shack a bestseller when all those book critics employed by those unmentionable papers and magazines trashed it. I just pray that Daniela checks her facts and actually does research before printing another article. I did post a comment on Santa Cruz News's website, here is what I wrote, they will probably refuse to post it.


A book's success for an author is everything. We spend hours researching and writing and then even longer editing. Even if it is the best book ever written, it will go nowhere without your TEAM. Every author's team no matter where they are published includes BOOK BLOGGERS! All the book bloggers out there spend countless hours reading what authors have created and then they give honest, creative, in depth looks into each book they read. This then is read by potential future fans of the author. We authors would be no where without them, especially in this day and age of technology. One of the first things our publicists tell us authors is to get read by BOOK BLOGGERS and get interviewed by them. The publishing industry DOES take them seriously and so do all the authors. But we will not take you, Daniela Hurezanu, seriously as a reporter!

Thank you to all the BOOK BLOGGERS out there spending your limited hours on our books! We wouldn't sell without you!

Marie Crist

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