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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Out of the Box Thinking

Here I am spending hours on the computer every day trying to brand my name into everyone's household to get attention for my book. It is being considered by Bantam right now and I am waiting as patiently as humanly possible for an answer. In the meantime, I have gotten a website, blog, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter page. I have uploaded a book trailer that has received over 14,000 views so far and I am uploading that trailer to every author friendly website I can.

I cannot send the book out for reviews while it is under consideration of a publisher. I cannot post any piece for an excerpt or teaser for the same reason. I cannot host a contest to give away my book(for obvious reasons) and it isn't time for radio interviews or tv appearances.

What ideas can anyone come up with that are out of the box but will not cause Bantam to reject my book? I need creative, fresh ideas that will help brand me.

Citizen Out


  1. Bake sale.
    Fresh cookies always do the trick.

  2. Just post interesting things, and then if your book does get accepted, you'll have a base of people to promote it to.

    Write some short stories and share them with people. That kind of thing.

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