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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Face of Pure Evil

This man is Jorge Barahona. He and his wife have been foster parents in Florida for many years. They had four children in their home. Two of these children were twins adopted by the Barahona's from foster care. There had been numerous reports of child abuse that sent social services to the home but the children were never removed.

Now the twins have been found in the father's truck. The girl is dead and the boy is in critical condition in the hospital. The father has doused the boy not only in gasoline but also in an unknown chemical that even doctors cannot identify. This is causing them trouble in stopping the continuation of the chemical from still burning the skin on the boy.

Jorge Barahona is being held on a 1 million dollar bond but his wife has not been charged yet. The details of what the children have endured over these years have not been divulged other than they were locked in the bathroom tied up like animals as well as starved all for punishment by the parents. Some details were with held from reports to the public due to the horrible, gruesome nature of the abusive acts.

Social Services is being investigated due to their pathetic investigating of abuse reports and their pure laziness in following up. The case worker told the judge that they are overworked and one night it was 9:00pm before they could get to the home and decided it was too late to speak to the children and make sure they were okay. The judge was rightfully agry over that pathetic excuse.

Now, here are my thoughts...

When the police showed up at the truck and found the father unconscious on the ground drenched in gas where he failed to light himself on fire before passing out. I think they should have help him with that task and threw a lit match on him instead of reviving him.

Then when he was at the hospital and took a head dive off the sink in the room in an attempt to render himself unconscious but failed, I think they should have assisted him with that as well.

But they are not going to. So, I sure hope at the least, that the wife and husband will get the death penalty. Anyone else who was near the family and knew what was happening and did not do anything to stop this abuse should be arrested and given the death penalty as well, for they are just as responsible as the abusers. That is my opinion!

"The only thing needed for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing"

                                                                                            - Author Unknown

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