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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Residents of ST. PAUL, Minn. Beware!!

This is John Rydberg. He has committed over 90 sexual crimes since 1969. He has been diagnosed by psychologists as a sexual sadist and having a psychopathic personality. Trust me when I say his offenses have left so much damage in his wake. If you don't believe me just google his name and read the stories from his victims.

The point of this is that he has asked the parole board to release him from the mental facility he has been housed. He actually tried to escape the detention center twice, yeah that sounds repentent. The parole board heard his case and they are deliberating their decision. They will give their decision next week.

Here are my words of advice to all the law abiding people in ST. PAUL, Minn. If this man gets released, he will act out his violence again and you had better be prepared. Change your schedules regularly so you don't have schedules that can be learned and counted on. Get your homes security systems, lock your doors religiously, maybe get a huge dog. Most of all, GET A DAMN GUN!!!!

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