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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Here's My Suggestion to UNICEF

I just saw a report on World News reporting on Haiti's condition in the aftermath of the earthquake. In the report they say that rapes are increasing and that it has caught the attention of UNICEF who is there trying to help. If they truly want to help.... ARM THE WOMEN. Every shipment of food and medicine also needs to carry a shipment of handguns and bullets. Those guns need to be handed to the women there in the tent cities. And the next time some Dumbass tried to rape a woman, the shots coming from her gun need to ring loud and clear through that tent city letting everyone know that a pig has just been cleaned from their streets. I assure you it wouldn't take but a few dead perps and the rest would quickly rethink their need to violate these women. As if their situation isn't bad enough they have to constantly fear men who use their dicks as weapons. It is time to disarm these men... in fact they should etch Dick Remover on each bullet.

That is my opinion, I would love to hear yours.

Citizen Out

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