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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some Liberal Views I read

Today I read a couple posts on another blog that were directed at child abuse.

One liberal woman made the comment that she opposed the idea that pedophiles don't feel shame or remorse. She also stated that pedophiles can justifiably blame us as a society for their actions.

Another liberal stated that we have no right to demand stiffer penalties to these crimes when we are to blame for these pedophiles actions.

I will tell you what I once told my Sociology Proffessor:

I have never created a child molester or child murderer. I have never possessed the power to take away another's free will. I have never perpetrated on another human being and taken away their control. Therefore, I cannot be blamed for a man or woman who decides to rape, molest, terrorize, or murder the most innocent members of our society.

I will NOT offer up my children as a smorgesborg for these pedophiles. But anytime you sympathizers want to bend over your desks and offer up your rectums, go ahead.

I don't give a damn what their excuses are. We cannot simply stand by and watch this continue to happen. There has been the question of what to do with pedophiles. Florida actually has some of the toughest laws to protect children, and I applaud them.

Human Rights Activists and Liberals and any pedophile lovers constantly cry over the injustice done to these pedophiles saying...... why can't we just forgive them?

Here is what I say...

When a human being chooses to DEVOLVE from a human to nothing more than a rabid animal, I say we treat them like such. What do we do with an animal(even one we love) that is rabid? We don't let them run the neighborhood for fear of them hurting someone. We lovingly take them to be put down because there is no coming back for them. Once a pet has bitten someone and has tasted blood, they are usually put down because that is all they will think about,getting more blood, until they finally attack someone. This is how it is with pedophiles, they are out of control, and they are just waiting for their next dose.

So I say we lovingly take them to be put down.

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  2. I agree with majority of what you say here. It's a safe bet that those that advocate on behalf of pedophiles probably have never had to try and console a child that has had such an atrocity committed against them. Decades ago society labeled a woman that was raped as having "asked for it." Thankfully we have moved past that archaic way of thinking and lay the blame at the rapist. In the case of the molestation or other form of exploitation of a child it is our responsibility as a society to stand firm in our resolve to punish such actions severely in order to discourage future potential offenders. People today have become far to lax on integrity, virtue and punishment to fit the crime. I don't know about anyone else but I say this... anyone that ever harms my daughters will never get the chance to harm another. Either the law needs to see to it or I will. Because if the law does not protect the most innocent of all citizens then what good is it?