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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Offensive Anti-Pedophile vs. Defensive Anti-Pedophile

We as a Country have been on the defense side of this war against pedophiles for so long and it isn't working. We have a registered sex offenders list and reports of arrests for this group of people, but there are almost always warning signs leading up to a pedophiles attack on innocence.

It seems there has been a shift in our strategy....

There are two groups that have been going on the offensive and puting themselves on the front lines for the rest of us. has launched a full force attack on blogs and websites developed by pedophiles. They are going in and highjacking the blogs to keep these pedophiles from communicating their sick fantasies to each other.These blogs and website are known for getting these pedophiles riled and worked up into a frenzy and they reassure eachother they are not sick or alone. WE CAN'T HAVE THAT! So Thank you Absolute Zero for standing up and fighting, we applaud and appreciate you.

Perverted Justice is a group that watches the chat rooms and works with law enforcement in seeking out these pedophiles and getting them put in the spotlight so law enforcement can apprehend them for trying to solicit minors. They work tirelessly monitoring these forums and chat rooms in order to make it safer for our children. They post stories about the pedophiles on their website in order to keep us aprised of their efforts and successes.

This is what we need, groups like this that know it is just as much about the offense as the defense if you plan to win.If we could prevent the assaults on children before they happen, what would our society look like? I want to know, don't you?

Citizen Out

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