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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Antonio Diaz Chacon: Immigration rewards Real Hero with threats of deportation!

There are going to be mixed feeling on this one, so all I ask is that you hear me out fully and let what I say soak in. Then make up your own minds about this story.

I just got back from Albuquerque, NM a couple days ago. While I was there, the news was reporting the amazingly heroic story of how Antonio Diaz Chacon was at his relatives house using their washer and dryer due to his being broke. That's when he heard the commotion. A complete stranger was abducting a neighbor girl. The stranger grabbed the girl and despite her biting and fighting him, he took off with her in the vehicle.

Antonio Diaz Chacon didn't stand around and call the police hoping they got there in time. Hoping that the Amber Alert would yield a safe return of a precious child. No! Antonio jumped in his car and followed while he called the police. This resulted in the driver panicking and crashing his vehicle. Antonio ran up and rescued the little girl who was in the floor board scared out of her mind. The kidnapper is now in jail.

Now, here is where it shows just how truly heroic Antonio is. Now immigration says our hero is not a legal citizen. Think about that a moment!

Let that soak in!

Antonio knew at that moment he had a choice to make. Do something that is so vitally important to saving a child's life but risks his ability to stay in this country. He chose to save one of our most innocents members of society. He could have minded his own business and ignored her need for help. He could have kept on living under the radar for his own good. But he stepped up!

As a thank you, our damn government is seeking to deport him. A government who cannot protect our children from monsters thinks it is in national security's best interest to get rid of one of the few people who steps up and takes action against predators.

I understand we are a strapped country. We have jobs dwindling and revenue disappearing, so I understand we cannot have a constant flood of people siphoning of our country's depleting sources. However, I say we make an exchange. The kidnapper's spot in this country should be given to Antonio. Now, there is no way Mexico will take the kidnapper so here is where we can send him.

Choice 1: Death

Choice 2: McMurdo Station.   It is a science facility in the Antarctic, hundreds of miles from nowhere. Predators should be dropped out of a chopper and there they will have to hunt for their own food and focus on just survival. No prison expenses for them. No worries of repeat offenses. No more victims they can claim.

Give Antonio citizenship. He has done more to earn it than some of our natural born citizens.

Citizen Out!

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