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Friday, August 5, 2011

How many little girls are sold into sex slavery in Dallas every weekend?

Approximately 50 little girls are sold to buyers for the purpose of sex slavery any given weekend in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area. They are aware of this problem obviously due to their ability to report the numbers. I want to know what the hell is needed to stop this shit. I am sorry for the language but I am furious that this atrocity not only continues but seems to be growing.

I want to know what WE can do to help. What can WE citizens that are angry over this do other than rant and blog? I am planning a number of awareness events around the country to help parents better protect their children from being victims but I want to do more. I want to gather up large numbers of other like minded citizens who want this horrid abuse to end. I want us to stand together and move like a impenetrable wall across the country and flush out these pigs and take them off our streets.

We need legislation that puts these monsters away permanently, one strike and you're out! Every person convicted of child abuse, rape of a minor, child murder, human trafficking and kidnapping should have everything they own be sold and the profits go to their victims. We should have prison factories where prisoners have to work 10 hours a day making products our country needs. They should have to spend the rest of their lives in servitude to this country and their victims. We have to stop being so lax on prisoners of heinous crimes. 

Nothing is going to change until WE show that WE are not going to stand by and pretend this isn't happening in our own backyards. It Is and it is up to US to do something about it.

Antoinette Davis, 27, had faced lower charges of human trafficking and child abuse involving prostitution in the death of her daughter Shaniya.
A young teenage girl who was recently found after spending more than a year as a sex trafficking victim.

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