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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

HUGE International Pedophile Ring Busted!

A massive international pedophile ring has been under investigation for three years. The investigation was led by Europol and spanned 13 countries including the United States, Australia, Canada, Italy, Spain and the U.K. Working together, these countries began "Operation Rescue" which has identified 670 suspects and saved 230 abused children in 30 countries. Those children have been taken to safety. More children are expected to be found, Europol said.

So far 184 people had been arrested and investigations in some countries are continuing. Most of those detained are suspected of direct involvement in sexually abusing the children. They include teachers, police officers and scout leaders, AP reported. One Spaniard who worked at summer youth camps is suspected of abusing some 100 children over five years.

I hope this is the beginning of countries working together in stopping this atrocity. I commend these governments on being diligent in making this a success. There are still thousands more pedophile, human trafficking and slavery rings that need to be destroyed. I hope to see more headlines like this in our media.

Now, I hope to hell that these pigs that were arrested get life in prison or, the best option for our children's safety, the death penalty. Until we begin making examples out of these monsters, nothing will change. That's my opinion and it should be yours as well.

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