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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pedophiles cannot compare themselves to the homosexual communty

This is taken from the Ultimate Evil website:

"I’m speaking, of course, about their pathetic attempt to list pedophilia as simply a misunderstood sexual orientation, liking it to homosexuality and comparing the public’s view of pedophiles as has been the intolerance suffered by the gay and lesbian community (This should outrage GLAAD as much as the rest of us)."

Pedophiles  are known to be low, but this is outrageous!

Homosexuality is between consenting people. Whether it be adults or adolescents. That is two adults or two adolescents. NOT an adult perpetrating on a child. There is no comparison. Pedophiles use grooming, stalking, control over a minor, threats, trickery, bullying and force to subdue their victim. There has never been a likening nor will their ever be room for comparison.

Any damn fool, whether you are for or against homosexuality, can see the difference here. Any rational thinking person knows that a child has no say in what an adult decides to force on them. This is rape!

We must not let this comparison be tolerated. We must not let this tactic garner sympathy for child rapists, pedophiles, human traffickers. We must stand against this... together!

This defense is pathetic for what they are trying to do... garner sympathy from the public.

B4U-ACT’s own website puts Berlin’s views front and center. “Just as has been the case historically with homosexuality,” he writes, “society is currently addressing the matter of pedophilia with a balance that is far more heavily weighted on the side of criminal justice solutions than on the side of mental health solutions.”
Berlin’s opposition to, and even noncompliance with, Maryland’s sex offender notification law drew scrutiny from former Maryland Attorney General J. Joseph Curran in the early 1990s.
In 1990 The Baltimore Sun reported that Berlin refused to report pedophiles under his care who were actively molesting children.
Berlin has similarly compared society’s reaction to pedophilia to that of homosexuality prior to the landmark 2003 Lawrence v. Texas decision that decriminalized sodomy.

Let me make another point. There have been people who say that gay citizens are pedophiles. That is false! There have been more cases where a straight man raped or molested young girls than young boys. Does that mean that every straight male lusts after little girls.... NO! There have been a ton of cases where a mother has sold her daughters body to men in order to pay for their bills or drugs. Does that mean that all straight women with children will pimp out their daughters... No!  This ignorance and finger pointing is what pedophiles are counting on. The finger needs to be pointed unanimously at pedophiles and we must see who our enemy truly is. Our nation is so divided on so many issues that the number one issue is not being fought effectively. OUR CHILDREN'S SAFETY. Our mission as adults is to form a barrier between our children and those that seek to harm them. However, we are bickering over whether what two consenting adults do is right or wrong. 

Let me give you something to think about.....

When you are standing before God and he says to you, there was a child being raped near you and all you cared about was showing hatred to an adult having sex with another adult. 

What do you think he is going to judge you on.... trying to change the way an adult lives their life and make their own decisions whether you believe they are right or wrong. Or not focusing on the helpless child who cried and begged for your help and didn't get it because you were busy with the other. 

"It is impossible that no offenses should come, but woe to him through whom they do come! It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones." (Luke 17:1-2)

Citizen Out!

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